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Pack 3073

Cub Scouting is a fun advancement program that positively affects every area of a child’s life. Cub Scouting teaches children to find a shared understanding with their parents and responsible community adults based on our core values, laid out in the Cub Scout Law. A Cub Scout is:


We believe that learning these values leads to a stronger sense of confidence and belonging, and to placing a deeper value in family. Learning these also provides our children with an early understanding for some of life’s key skills, including: leadership, environmental awareness, personal and social responsibility, and better social skills.

How Scouting Works:

Each Cub Scout who joins the Cub Scouts will first be part of a “den” of their peers, usually 6-8 neighborhood kids. Dens meet a few times a month and are introduced to a wide range of social activities and award-based challenges that develop their self-responsibility, confidence, and service ethic. These are organized as “Adventures” and are led by volunteer adults, usually two or more of the of children in their year.

In addition, all Cub Scout dens come together at a “pack” meeting every month where they are involved in larger group activities, and are recognized for their individual and group achievements. These events are always tailored to the needs of each unique group of children forming the pack in any given year.

Dens and packs may also participate in activities such as field trips, day camps, community events, and overnight camps.

Grade level and dens:

A den typically consists of children in the same grade. A pack contains all of the dens. Here is a list of the dens and the age/grade that corresponds to them:

  • Lion Den (Kindergarten)
  • Tiger Den (1st Grade)
  • Wolf Den (2nd Grade)
  • Bear Den (3rd Grade)
  • Webelos 1 (4th Grade)
  • Webelos 2 (5th Grade)

What It Costs:

Registration fees for our pack, part of the Metro Lakes District, are set by our parent organization, the BSA’s Northern Lights Council. You can find information about the fees on the Adventure is Calling website.

Scholarships! The BSA encourages all boys and girls to join regardless of their family’s ability to pay. For interested parents, follow these steps: visit the Adventure is Calling linked above, then hit the “Join” button under “When & Where” and “Paying in Full”. Create an account (only if you’re new to scouting). Then specify the number of kids being registered,  When you get to entering the details for each Youth participant, make sure to tick the box “Are you applying for “Registration Financial Assistance”?” And that’s it. Complete any remaining required details and submit your membership application(s). Your answer to this question (and any decision made by the BSA in response) is held in confidence and is NOT shared with the pack. 

Parents and Youth:

Cub Scouting is a program that parents and children are encouraged to do together. Parents are always welcome at den and pack meetings, and there are many volunteer positions available for parents who want to get more involved.

Pack 73 vs Pack 3073:

Back in the 1950s, our Pack was initially chartered under the designation “Pack 73”, under the old Minneapolis “Viking” council.  That remained our official moniker until 2005, when the Boy Scouts of America merged our two metro area Councils to form the current “Northern Star” Council.  As part of the merger, several Cub Scout Packs in the merging council (Viking and Indianhead) had duplicate numbers, resulting in the need for clean differentiation.  The solution was to redesignate the Minneapolis-area (“Viking” Council) packs by adding “30” as a prefix.  As a result, our official designation with the BSA since 2005 is “Pack 3073”.  Meanwhile, the Council still accepts references to us as “Pack 73” as ours as long as they come with a reference to our home town or are otherwise unique (so, our website, emails, older uniforms, etc). That said we are officially “Pack 3073” — and it is always safe to refer to ourselves that way.

Learn More:

For more information, please feel free to contact our current leadership via our email address at

For more information about Scouting, please visit by

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